Awudome Kwanta library

In summer 2014 the idea was generated together with the community, to install a local library so especially the school kids but also the inhabitants of the village have access to books and can expand their knowledge and train reading skills. The local community was soon convinced and a suitable, however dilapidated building was found. 

The work began already in August 2014. The building was fundamentally renovated, the interior set up and equipped with books for all stages of age. By the end of 2014 the library was opened under celebration, including the presence of important personalities of the region as well as the press. Our associate charwoman Gudrun Bruckner who was in Kwanta at that time made sure that the work in the library was picked up and carried on independently, which was not an easy task. But ever since the library is frequently visited by the children and inhabitants. Everybody can rent the books or read them while they are there. Two employees from Awudome are responsible for opening hours, the lend and order in the library.  

The project was primarily financed through sponsoring from Austria, financial aid from the community of Kwanta and also with the help of an african celebration which was held at the primary school of Blindenmarkt, where Renate Wieser is teaching. The community of Awudome Kwanta was in charge of the renovation and interior installation of the library.  

The goal is that the library will be used as long much as possible because reading books is a wonderful activity through which you can bring the world back to your home.