Awudome Kwanta kindergarten

The kindergarten of the community of Awudome Kwanta existed already a few years before the first stay of the previously named Friends of Kwanta team in 2014. Back then it was only used in raw conditions as not enough financial support for the completion of the kindergarten was available.  

Since the completion of our first project of our organization, the library, continuous work and effort is put into the kindergarten. Together with the locals the walls were plastered and painted and with the help of donations materials for windows and doors could be purchased.  

A big concern of ours from the beginning was that the projects will last on also after our departure. Hence plans for the tasks that should be accomplished were developed together with the locals. After our departure we were very happy to hear that another room could be equipped with glass window and door locks. That room is since in use for storing crafting, play and study material which were carried to school and back home daily by the children previously. Now they can be safely stored in the kindergarten as well.