That’s not my type.

(Gender-)Stereotypes in today’s society.

The question of identity seems to be a defining one in today’s time. It is important and at the same time dangerous: Too often it is instrumentalized and forces people into predefined patterns. Identity is often associated with prejudices and discrimination, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden in our society. In order to draw attention to such processes and to consider how to negotiate the question of identity, we at UWA are planning our next UWA-Talks-Event. As an association for intercultural communication, we are particularly interested in an intercultural perspective on this topic and in allowing people to speak who are confronted with identity politics in their everyday life.

Event facts:

Date: Saturday 23 November, 2019

Location: Cultural Center Amerlinghaus, Stiftgasse 8, 1070 Vienna, Austria

This page is updated regularly! Stay tuned for more information about the program, speakers and workshops!